Comfort Food

Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs
The official blurb:

“The ingredients: Why can’t Gus find time to organise her own birthday party? Because she’s too busy sorting out the problems of her friends and family; it seems everyone is facing a career challenge or a romantic dilemma.

The recipe: A series of Sunday suppers (televised, of course) that show real people making real food. And over delicious dishes, relaxed chat and a few bottles of wine, her guests find they have nourished their souls as well as tempting their tastebuds.

Comfort food. A celebration of life itself.”

Very readable but for me, not enough about the food. I sometimes think I’m so obsessed with the trivia of food and the details of what goes on in the kitchen that if authors included enough foodie detail to keep me happy, they’d alienate about 98% of their audience!