Quentins by Maeve Binchy
The official blurb:

“Every table at Quentins restaurant in Dublin has a thousand stories to tell. The staff and customers all have tales of their own, and the restaurant owners themselves have had more than their fair share of trials to cope with.

Now Ella Brady wants to make a documentary about the renowned restaurant but as she uncovers more of what has gone on, she questions the wisdom of bringing it to the screen. And when she is forced to confront a devastating dilemma in her own life, Ella wonders if some stories should not be told . . .”

I love restaurants and admit to not being the best restaurant companion because I’m so fascinated by the business of the restaurant and the other diners that I’m often distracted by people-watching. So this novel is perfect for me as it’s like being at a restaurant people-watching with extra insights into their stories from the comfort of my sofa!

As you will have realised if you’ve spent any time in this food fiction section, food fiction for me is the ultimate in comfort reading and Maeve Binchy is great at writing books you can lose yourself in.