The Supper Club

The Supper Club by Lara Williams
The official blurb:

“Twenty-nine year old Roberta has spent her whole life hungry – until the day she invents Supper Club.

Supper Club is a secret society for hungry women. Women who are sick of bad men and bad sex, of hinted expectations to talk less, take less, be less. So they gather after dark and feast until they are sick. They drink and dance and roar. And, month by month, their bodies expand.

At the centre of the Supper Club stands Roberta – cynical yet anxious, precocious and lost. She is seeking the answer to a simple question: if you feed a starving woman, what will she grow into?

This is a story about the hunger that never goes away. And it is a story about the people who make us what we are – who lead us astray and ultimately save us. You look hungry. Join the club.”

I was really intrigued by the description of this book and excited to start it but I didn’t really get on with it. I enjoyed some of it – I liked the more domestic details of their lives – but I just didn’t gel with the characters. I think I might have enjoyed it when I was younger; now it just felt to me like it was trying to hard to be shocking. But you might love it because looking at the reviews online it does seem to divide opinion: It gets 1 star or it gets 5 stars.